Dam Busters Royal Premiere (1955)

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    Leicester Square, London.
    GV. Personalities entering the foyer of he Empire Theatre, Leicester Square. SV. Wind Commander Guy Gibson's father entering foyer. GV. Exterior, large illuminating sign on theatre front, crowd in foreground. CU Sign "The Dam Busters". SCU. Crowds cheering. SCU. Star of the film, Richard Todd and his wife outside theatre. SCU. Girls with umbrellas smiling. SV. Janette Scott with partner waving to crowds. SV. Crowds waving. LV. Interior, Janette Scott with partner walking into foyer. SCU. Film and TV star Patrick Barr with a lady friend. SV. Richard Todd with wife, chatting to C.J. Latta and wife. SV. Pan, chief of bomber command Air Commodore Reginald Mills walking up steps into lounge. SV. Dr Barnes Wallis entering foyer. SCU. Air Marshal Sir Robert Saundby with wife. SCU. Lord de L'Isle and Lord Dudley chatting to R.A.F. Marshal Lord Tedder and Lady Tedder. SV. Princess Margaret's car arriving outside Theatre. Billy Wallace steps out of car. CU. Two excited girls in crowd. SV. Princess Margaret steps out of car walks towards, and is met by Mr Charles Penley, manager of Theatre. They both turn and walk into foyer. SV. Princess Margaret walking towards with Mr Penley. GV. Interior, Princess Margaret shakes hands with dignitaries. SV. Princess shakes hands with Lord Tedder and then Lady Tedder, she then shakes hands with Mr Sam Eckman, Managing Director of MGM. SV. Princess moves to shake hands with Mr Robert Clark and Mrs Clark GV. Survivors of the raid and next of kin waiting in the lounge to be presented to Princess Margaret. SV. Princess walking towards the lounge accompanied by Mr Penley, followed by Lord Tedder. They walk past R.A.F. (RAF, Royal Air Force) men lined up. SV. Princess Margaret walks forward to be presented with a bouquet from Susan Thorne 6 year old daughter of Flight Lieutenant G. A. Thorne.
    LV. Personalities shaking hands with Princess Margaret and Dr Barnes Wallis shaking hands with Princess Margaret followed by Mary Wallis. Princess shakes hands with Elizabeth Wallis. Princess then turns and chats to Dr Barnes Wallis. LV. Survivors of the raid lined up waiting to be presented as Princess continues to chat with Dr Barnes Wallis. SCU. Princess with Lord Tedder standing along side shaking hands with survivors of the raid. SV. Princess shaking hands with more survivors, she shakes hands with Mrs Eve Hyman, widow of the late wing Commander Guy Gibson, V.C. D.S.O. D.F.C. LV. Princess talking to Mrs Eve Hyman. SV. Princess talking to Mrs E. Hyman, she bows and walks out of picture followed by another relative. Princess then shakes hands with various mothers of the pilots that were killed on the raid.
    FILM ID:523.37
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